Transaction advisory

We help businesses and their management exploit opportunities in the growing economy and help them in minimising risk and maximising the value of their businesses.

Our experienced team of professionals understands our clients’ goals and priorities, evaluates opportunities, manages transactions, performs financial due diligence, business valuations and valuation support services to deliver optimal results.

How we can assist:

  • Financial Due Diligence: Assist you in analysing the business in order to build an understanding of key drivers and associated risks. Key focus areas would include Quality of earning normalisation, normalised working capital analysis and debt analysis.
  • Valuation: Assisting you in business or share valuation for your transactional or standalone evaluation purposes.
  • Purchase Price Allocation: Assisting you in allocating the consideration paid for an acquisition into tangible and intangible assets as of the acquisition date in order to comply with IFRS.
  • Impairment Testing: Assist you with impairment testing services to help you compare the carrying amount with the fair value of the assets in order to comply with International Accounting requirements.

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